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Personal Property

This page shows personal property account information such as tax and vehicle detail information.

Please Note:

As part of a standardization update, your personal property account number may have been changed.

If you have an active St. Louis County personal property account, and are unable to locate your account by the account number, please search by name or address and make a note of the new account number.

Please contact us if you experience any further issues: 314/615-5500 or

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience!

To help you get started, some basic instructions are listed here. More detailed instructions can be seen be clicking the help button in the lower left frame.

  1. Select the type of search you would like to perform by clicking on the Account Number, Address, or Name radio button in the lower left frame.
  2. Enter the search criteria. Search criteria need not be complete. For example if you search by name and you enter "Bric" in the Last Name field then your search results will show all the last names that begin with "Bric." Note that the more information you enter the faster you will receive the search results information.
  3. Press the Find button. The search results will appear in the lower right frame.
  4. When the search results appear select the record you would like to view by clicking on a record row.
Online Personal Property Declaration:
You may declare your personal property online between January 1st and April 30th of each year. Please click the link below to begin.
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