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Saint Louis County Trustee

The Trustee Office maintains, researches, and sells or transfers title to real estate that has not been sold through the Collector of Revenue’s delinquent tax auction. Parcels of real estate that are delinquent in the payment of taxes are offered for sale at the Collector’s delinquent tax auction held on the fourth Monday in August of each year. If a parcel has not been sold after three consecutive Collector’s auctions and is at least five years delinquent in real estate taxes, the title is transferred to the Trustee, who attempts to protect and recover all taxes due and prevent their loss to the taxing authorities (e.g. school districts, fire districts, sewer districts; and parks, road and bridges, libraries and the sheltered workshop).

The Trustee parcels available for bid may be viewed by clicking on the link: Inventory of Trustee Parcels. The bid form that must be completed may be viewed by clicking on the link: Bid Form. The original completed bid form must be submitted by mail or in person. Copies, facsimile copies or email copies are not accepted.

The Trustee Office will provide service in an impartial, reasonable and efficient manner in order to fulfill its statutory duties, and will strive to have a positive impact on Saint Louis County’s quality of life.

Gregory F. Quinn, Trustee
Director of Revenue

Office Information
Address: Saint Louis County Government
Trustee Office / Licensing Division
41 South Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105-1799

The Trustee Office is located in the Licensing Office on the fourth floor of the Lawrence K. Roos County Government Building.
Phone Numbers: (314) 615-0129
visit the Contact Us page.
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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